Friday, January 13, 2012

This Week On Teen Mom 2: The Bonus Episode

Teen Mommy Bonus Ep. Rundown

Katelyn aka Facelyn crashes her car, is broke, files for child support, is still the best/most tragic person on the show.

The Good:
Friends bringing you M&M sundaes from Mcdonalds (ahem, they're called McFlurries), as they do heal all wounds.

The Bad: 
Yelling at your baby "MOMMY CAN'T AFFORD A NEW CAAAAR."

The Ugly:
Having to buy a car from this guy.

Chelsea rents a house that is less rent and 100x nicer than anything I've ever lived in, Adam really out-Adams himself when he "helps" her move in.

The Perplexing:
-MORE HAIR FAKEOUTS. It goes from bleach to normal to bleach and I can't keep up.
-The most perfect Adam quote of all time:
"I'm not promising anything but I'll see what I can do" - he should name his biography that.

Leah is waiting on what's going on with my precious, precious goggle baby and yayyyyy goggle baby is probably okay!

The Terrifying:
Whoa...Kayla. Just, whoa.

The Amazing:

The Redneck:
-Cory's Dad is wearing overalls over a hoodie. I guess they are called overALLs so I shouldn't judge. 
Also: of course he is (he's Cory's dad).
-"You know how I got you to walk? Cheese puffs." (yep.)
-Cory has a hoodie version of his Cory shirt? Classy.

Bonus Goggle Baby Pic:
Yeaaaahh Goggle Baby.

Jenelle officially immediately reverts back into a monster now that Kieffer's back, Kieffer breaks it off with her, Jenelle loses her shit.

The Only Positive Thing I Could Take Away From This:
Jenelle somehow has an original iPhone that still works.

The Mysteries For The Ages:
-Does Jenelle own clothes that aren't sweats?
-"I really want to smoke, but I have to stay clean for my court date, so I'm starting to get overwhelmed." - WITH WHAT, JENELLE?

The Inevitable:
Jenelle chases Kieffer, Kieffer flips out, Kieffer gets jealous, Jenelle doesn't take care of Jace, Jenelle's mom gets mad...the list goes on.


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  1. These teen moms will get the hang of it as the years pass. I think they need the help of the working moms support group in NYC in order to get more advice and back up.


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