Friday, December 2, 2011

Dancing Gif Friiiidayyyy!! (Extra Pink Edition)

It's Friiiiiidayyyyyyyyyy! 

I am so tired from my morning/day job that I am going to keep this brief. I've got some fun stuff coming at ya on the blog next week including the triumphant return of Carrie's Teen Mom coverage. I <3 u. Nap me gusta. Zzzzzzzzz...

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Gif Credits: (from top to bottom) Pink Panther dancing gif via Anyechkaa, ol' school dancing chic gif via Nothingislinear, Moe dancing his ass off gif via Capnskull, Sabrina the Teenage Witch dancing gif via 90skid, Carlton Dance gif via 90skid, Bridesmaids dancing gif via Aubrey-plaza, Bobby with cutie track pants gif via Scriptures, Miss Jay shaking it gif via Saveroom4coffee

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