Friday, December 16, 2011

Dancing Gif Friday (Deer God It's Almost Christmas Edition)!

Ittttt'sssss Friiiiiiidaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

I realize I may be blowing our Christmas load early here (apologies for the phrasing) but I was so smitten with the animated reindeer from Melphantastic's blog that I could not resist. Also the winter time is depressing and I need something to be excited about. So let us wring every drop of excitement from this blessed and holy day which is only about eight days from today! Do you know how hard it was to write this paragraph with that American Dad booty gif in the background?

It's hypnotizing, really.

Gif credits:
Reindeer gifs via Melphantastic, Adventure Time gif via Thethirstydude, all other gifs via unknown original sources. 

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