Friday, December 9, 2011

Dancing Gif Friday! (All Up In Yo Face Edition)

Ittttttsssss Friiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

I've gotta race off to work in a few so I'll keep this brief (again). These days are getting too damn short and way too coldasballs. The weekends are not long enough-- I need Christmas and I need it now. [End early winter rant]. Stay warm y'all and be merry and all that. Hit me up on the tweeter if ya wanna chat and I hope everyone gets to dance a lil' this weekend. Sliiiide to the left, sliiide to the right. Criss cross! Everybody clap yo hands.


Gif credits: (top to bottom) Squidward booty gif via Santini-hoodini, Community's Annie jumping up and down gif via Jedargh, strange waffle dancing gif via Chelseawoosh, Verizon Christmas commercial dance via our tumblr, Zoidberg monster shuffle gif via Comablood, crotch in Homer's face gif via Fuckyeahspringfield, Tom from Tom and Jerry dancing gif via Pawsandclaws, Danny Tanner dancing gif via 90'skid, Stephen Colbert ballet gif via Drunkonstevphen.

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  1. I knew the Internet wouldn't take long to make that Annie GIF. Nice work, universe!


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