Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Super Fantastic Wednesday Pic Binge!

I don't believe who you're sexually attracted to is a choice. Especially when your parents name you Muffy. Via

This looks like a fun local news segment. Via 

The definition of classic. Via 

Debbie is the physical embodiment of the internet. Via

This week Sesame Street did an adorable "Put Down the Pacifier" campaign.

 Of course I had to ruin it with my overzealous WWI inspired contribution.

Oooh oooh ooooohhhhhhhh! Via

I fear this school desk will not see the proper preservation it deserves. Via

 I could have guessed. Via

Ten year highschool reunion coming up. I can relate to this. Via 

And then, right there at the Fudruckers, I got down on one knee and professed my love for her. Via 

Mmmm ravioli. Via.

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