Monday, November 14, 2011

Stop The Spoilers! 6 Propaganda Posters To Keep Your Friends From Ruining Your Favorite Shows

I take many special precautions while surfing the web, stealthily consuming pop culture while trying not to spoil twists and turns in shows I have yet to catch up with. I even yell out "No spoilers!" on a near daily basis interrupting otherwise cordial conversations with friends. However even with these safeties in place a spoiler ALWAYS slips through the cracks. Last week it was in a text message. A TEXT MESSAGE. I cannot un-read any more than I can un-see which I trust we have all tried many times before on these internets. It was inevitable. My dedication was tested and God was punishing me for not watching Sons of Anarchy fast enough. 

So in an effort to reduce the amount of plot twists being spread and let us slow-show-watchers catch up I propose we start a "Stop the Spoilers" campaign. Below is a collection of WWI/WWII era propaganda posters edited to reflect our cause and keep friends/coworkers/associates from ruining the best parts of our lives shows. If you know someone who has ruined your life show before --hit 'em with it. You have a right to find out who Sookie is and why she can read minds on your own time.

Hope you enjoy, and may whatever show you're watching stay spoiler free. It won't though, unless we fight!



  1. Sooooooo awesome!!!!! Badtvblog should get famous on this sh*t.

  2. Ok these are Brilliant!! Love the Sons of A phott snuck in. Great visuals, great tags!


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