Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Historical Celebrity Doppelgangers

Newspaper journalist-mogul-dude Joseph Pulitzer achieved quite a lot in his lifetime. Dustin Diamond is still working on that date with Lisa Turtle.
Fun fact! Obscure US President that I've never heard of Millard Filmore and Alec Baldwin both shared love/hate relationships with lemons. 
Phillip IV King of Spain and King of the Worst Place On The Internet --segway-- don't forget to like us on Facebook!
Supposedly one of them warned "the British are coming" but they both look like the guy who starred in School of Rock and promised to always "F--k her gently."
"What's the deal with this slavery? It's so awkward I have to tell them what to do? I don't know what to do if I knew what to do I'd be doing it. I wouldn't need slaves." -excerpt from famous abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison's series Curb Your Enslavementasm.

These Historical Doppelgangers and more can be found at the very excellent collection at

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