Thursday, November 3, 2011

Name That Hypothetical Hiphop Sitcom

Can you guess the names of the following shows featuring some of America's favorite rappers? The above example is already done for you: it's the Ghostface Whisperer. The answers are sometimes punny, but always awful. How many will you be able to decipher? The answers are written in white below each image so in order to read it just use your cursor to highlight that area and it should appear.

It's like Highlights Magazine on Eccccstasy! 

"Growing T. Pains"

"Soulja Boy Meets World"

"Pretty Little Waynes"

"Who's The Boss?" Rick Ross is the boss obviously.

"Two and a Half Men" (okay so I kinda gave that one away also i edited Bushwick Bill's eye so it didn't look so nasty)

"The Wiz-Khalifas of Wavery Place"

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