Friday, November 11, 2011

Dancing Gif Friiiiidayyyyyy! (Broadcasting From An Exotic Land Edition)

It'ssss Friiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

I'm broadcasting to you live this morning from the very exotic home of pandas citric fruits and heinous sex crimes: Fort Lauderdale Florida! Remember last week when I teased more Betty White dancing gifs? I forgot (until just now)! Sh*t! Maybe next week? Meanwhile I've been working on a couple features for the site that I'm realllly excited about so stay tuned. Don't touch that dial! Be cool this weekend and dance like you've never been loved or whatever that saying is that overly dramatic people on Facebook are so fond of. PEACE.


Gif credits: (top to bottom) Dancing panda gif via Snacktown, Andy dancing Office gif via Thatiskindoffunny, Beavis and Butthead head bashing gif via 90skid, Josh from Drake and Josh freaking out gif via Bluebox-bowties, Breakfast Club chick dancing gif via unknown original source, Glee boys in Snuggies gif via Randomsplashes, Chandler dancing gif via Idunnowhatiwant, Brad Pitt from that movie gif via unknown original source, kid from Ned's Declassified gif via Quinsee.


  1. Drake&Josh plus Ned's Declassified! Gotta dance for that

  2. awww yeeaaaa i learned from the best!


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