Friday, November 18, 2011

Dancing Gif Friday! (Fancy Cats, Memes, And Mermaids Edition)


Happy almost weekend everyone. In just a few short hours you'll be free of your job/school responsibilities and have nothing in front of you but hours and hours of cold ass chillin' (unless you work on the weekends-yikes!). Next week is Thanksgiving so burn some extra calories on the dancefloor (imaginary or real) over the next couple nights so you can eat like a maniac come Thursday. You must do this as your forefathers did. It's the American Way.


Gif credits: (top to bottom) Fancy upright cat gif via Blog-soup, "The Kim Richards Bounce" gif via Realitytvgifs, Elmo toilet dancing via Sonofabisquit, RHOBH Mermaid flopping gif via Realitytvgifs, meme guys dancing gif via Jackiebabyy, dancing Aristocat gif via Walt--disney, sliding down the banister gif via Realitytvgifs, Cleaveland Show dancing via Gifbuffet, American Idol head shake via anal-distress

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