Friday, November 4, 2011

Dancing Gif Friday: Everybody Cut A Rug Edition!

It's Friiiiiiiiiidayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

This week's dancing gif collection makes me wanna find every instance of Betty White dancing and gif that s--- up. Maybe that'll be a good project for me to work on next week? Hit up that Twitter if ya wanna chat, have fun this weekend, get your dance on, and be safe. See y'all on Monday!


Gif credits: (from top to bottom) Boy Meets World Feeney dancing gifs via Elijahwould, Betty White dancing gif via Themostmoist, Dave Chapelle vs a Monster via unknown original source, Finn gif also via unknown original source, black and white gif via Jaxenne, Prof X is a diva gif via Xmenanimated, Mom from That 70's Show dancing via Thecircle-, pink penguin dance via Mytaunt

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