Friday, November 18, 2011

Carrie Tackles The New Teen Mom Trailer

You guys.....

 TEEN MOM IS BACK (trailer link). Well, okay, not quite but ALMOST. Are you pumped? Sad? Terrified? Pumpserrified? Because I'm pretty sure that's what I am. ANYWAY, I've never seen the 16 and Pregnants on any of these chicks, so I'm pretty much going into this blind. Just like they went into parenthood (nailed it.). Based on the delightful trailer above, I have a few questions for you.

A) Who's gonna be the Amber and Gary this season? That one chick with the big face looks like a clear contender, but these Teen Moms seem way less... what's the word... fat. Way less fat.

B) WHAT IS JENELLE'S DEAL? Seriously. What's her deal? I saw two clips, in one she is being shoved in the back of a car (please note: that may have not been Jenelle - I can't tell who is who yet.) and the next one was about to murder her Mom. Is she a weird, super intense Farrah? Because I could get into that.

C) Does one of the moms tell her kid that she's getting on a plane to get her life straightened out? Is it a magic time machine plane?

So please marinate on those for the next two weeks and meet me back here. It looks like we're gonna have a lot to discuss.


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  1. Forget their 16 and Pregnants... Catch up with the whole first season of Teen Mom 2


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