Thursday, October 27, 2011

Unintentionally Creepy Animaniacs Costumes

If this man starts singing about US Capitols then you have until Montgomery Alabama before the violent stabbing begins.

Just before this picture was taken Yacko's house burned down to the ground and with it everyone he loved.
Don't give Wacko any money he'll just use it to get zany to the max on methamphetamines. 
As of yet there is no Animaniacs porn parody and everyday I beg to god that it stays that way.
The profile of a serial killer.
This is what the crime scene looked like after all the dead mime bodies were cleaned off the streets.
A mime the night before the massive slaying. "Mime Time" they'd call it.
That time Phil Dunphy dressed up as an Animaniac.
My eyes did not consent to this.
"Dad do I really have to keep this bologna in my slacks?" "YOU DO AS I TELL YOU TO!"
Look at those feet! Get back in the water tower you goddamn monsters!

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