Friday, October 28, 2011

Dancing Gif Friday IS BACK

The fans wanted it back, well it's f**king back! Is it here to stay? Only time will tell Yes of course it is it's like the only thing people go nuts for around here. Stand on your chair at work/school and say it with me now, "IT'S FRIIIIDAYYYYYYYYYY!!!"

Happy almost weekend y'all!

[Image Sources: Most have unknown original sources, but a few do! and they are: Beyonce dancing gif via Mandylee740, Fresh Prince head dance gif via Dmentality, and Bobby Hill reggae dancing via X1r0nn4d5x]


  1. Dancing panda FTW! So happy to have Dancing GIF Friday back!!!!!

  2. BOO to the YAHH dancing gif friday is just what i needed


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