Friday, September 23, 2011

One Sentence Reviews Of The Fall 2011 TV Lineup

"Charlie's Angels"
Summer's over "boooo!" But better TV is here, "yayyy!"  Join us after the jump for our patented "one sentence" breakdown of the shows we've seen thus far. Has the Fall 2011 lineup been good to you? Leave a one sentence review and we'll all high-five or fight each other afterwards.


Two and a Half Men: Is the half man now supposed to be Ashton's big penis? Because 42 jokes about that later and that's all I took away from his new character.

Playboy Club: Mad Men for people who enjoy the clothes but don't want to deal with any good writing, nuance, or character development.

2 Broke Girls: Wildly charming and also pretty racist? Just like me. (Ba dum ching!)*

Up All Night: A show about a baby that I actually find funny, despite the fact that I don't care for babies.

Community: Every episode should open with a musical montage. The first episode was definitely NOT the opposite of Batman.

Parks and Rec: Ron's 2 day beard made up for the vertiable glut of penises.

It's Always Sunny: Dead hookers, hobo sex, blood vomit, boiled denim. AKA business as usual on IASIP.

*I'm pretty sure I'm not racist.


New Girl: Enjoyment of this series may be entirely dependent on your ability to laugh at a smart, gorgeous, wildly creative woman without getting pissed off that she has all these things (jelly?).

Two and a Half Men: It sucked but I laughed. Was the season premiere entitled: "Fart Jokes and Funerals" because it should have been.

Workaholics: The funniest show (puts on hipster glasses) you probably never heard of last season (takes off hipster glasses) is unchanged. That's a good thing.

2 Broke Girls: I refuse to watch a show in the year 2011 that takes place in a diner.

Playboy Club: Like the magazine it is not hardcore enough to hold my attention in the year of our lord 2011.

Whitney: I laughed harder than in any of the other network sitcoms and not just because I was peer pressured by a distractingly loud studio audience.

Office: I've wanted this show to die for several years now, but suddenly it's wonderful again and I want to frolic with its lively body.

Charlie's Angels: There is better Tn'A on Modern Family. Also better explosions (see: birdhouse on this week's ranch episode).

It's Always Sunny: Crossing fingers the Fat Mac storyline goes to a dark, depressing, deeply hilarious place.

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