Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bible Man ReligiLOLs Gif Collection

What is Bible Man you ask? Well it was a super Christian TV show that aired on the super Christian network that you'd only watch for five seconds before flipping to non super Christian programming while growing up. Now it exists on youtube, dvd, and in live shows across the country where they presumably turn gay men into really straight manly men who only want vagina as God foretold.
Awww yeaaa shitty 90's computer graphix! Quick Bible Man FACT: Bible Man prefers not to kill enemies with his sword, but rather he uses his sword to deflect their weapons back at them causing them to kill themselves. This is the Christian way. 

Ok so this is where I got bored and started making my own Bible Man gifs.

Because it's sinful! It's been really hard to get into heaven ever since the internet was invented.

You know who tells the most hilarious jokes? Scientists.

"Ooh yeah I'll put that ballot in your ballot box baby."

Secret identity... revealed!

[Disclaimer: No rights to Bibleman images are owned in anyway shape or form by Badtvblog. They are edited for use here as parody and as such are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution under the Fair Use Doctrine. Any further questions or concerns should be emailed to the author of this post.]

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