Monday, August 1, 2011

Best Shark Week Inspired Shark Gifs 2011

I hope you enjoyed your 51 weeks of not being constantly reminded how easily a shark could rip the flesh off your bones because Shark Week is here!

Shark + rainbow + the phrase "suck my dick" pretty much sums up all parts of the internet not devoted solely to cats.

If it's good enough for the Step Brothers than it's good enough for all of us.

Q: Why couldn't the shark stop laughing?
A: Clownfish have this routine where they all pile into this little clown car you have to see it it's really pretty clever.

Shark kitten? It's the internet. No surprises here.

The most agreeable thing Tracey Morgan has ever said.

Sharks are kind of cute when they're not biting little girls' legs off.

I couldn't decide between Jaws humping a boat gif and Jaws nomm'ing up people gif so you get both.

This gif is for the Shark Week haters because if I've learned anything from the internets it's that there is a person out there who hates every thing you hold dear. For that person, this last one is for you.

Gif Credits (from top to bottom): Show Me Your Teeth gif via Ben-afflack, Smiling Nemo Shark via Emmadebank, Rainbow Shark gif via Piplups, I'm a shaaaark gif via Yeahyoubored, Step Brothers Shark Week gifs via Golpormessi, Toy Story Shark gif via unknown, Laughing Nemo Shark gif via Quirkedreality, Shark Kitty gif via Paper-Squid, Tracey Morgan Shark Week gif via Splitminded, Blue Shark gif via Orion2paix, Black and White gif via Highfivesandhandguns, Jaws gifs via Ghostofcheney, Despicable Me Shark Week gif via Allietravs]

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