Friday, August 5, 2011

Gifs From Last Night's Jersey Shore In Italy: The Season Premiere

The new season began with all the cast members getting their "passport photos" taken. Had they actually used these photos for travel I would have been okay if the TSA stopped them from flying, locked them in a room, and forced them to watch their own "6 Hour Energy" commercials until they died. [Snooki waving hat gif via Simply-lela]

Snooki is into working out now which is really great for her health but comes with the unfortunate side effect of Mike The Situation trying to date rape her constantly. [Snooki doing crunches gif via Imperial Bedrooms]

Deena's still Deena and Sammi looks bustier according to one of Pauly D's reliably animated narrations. Did he mean to say busted-er? She looks like she's been bench pressing pulled pork sandwiches in her spare time. [Deena growl gif via Lukemusik]

Pauly D is here and looks exactly the same which is what you would expect from Jersey Shore's version of a grown up 12 year old boy aka Rufio from Hook.  [Pauly D wiping his eyes gif via Pocketfulofswagger]

J-Woww's boobies are bigger which is okay I guess, but her face is totally pulled back and I'd also use gaunt as an accurate description of things. I'm worried. I really liked the old J-Woww and I prefer my faces with the ability to wrinkle and form facial expressions.

It means "Cabs ah he-yaah" in Italian. (Cue "The More You Know" rainbow) [Taxi Sono Qui gif via Laapaix]

Snooki I will have your babies as Arnold did in the 1994 family romp, Junior.
[Snooki is cute gif via Lukemusik]

 If Deena's boobies could talk I wouldn't be able to hear them because I would have stabbed a pencil through my ears. Hard. [If Deena's boobies could talk gif via Laapaix]

No comment. [Gifs and pics from Goneroundthebend]

Ronnie is good for two things: enthusiastic facial expressions and dating Satan.

Much love to all the peoples that giffed this episode and to the people reading this. You can hit me on my twitter or leave a message in the comments. Latas y'all!



  1. ya! J Woww def had work done...Snooki looks good! Do you think Mike's telling the truth?? What no Situation gifs?? lol

  2. Yeaaa i think unfortunately the sitch is telling the truth. He is such a little pot stirr'er that guy. I kept thinking of that time last season when Pauly or Vinni called him The Snitchuation. Sooo accurate!

  3. ewwwwww. Pauly D and Deana: Grossest Make Out Session OF ALL TIME.


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