Saturday, August 13, 2011

Carrie's Weekend Links

  • Awesome CD, Awesome Song, Awesome Video, Awesome Aziz Ansari (also: awesome alliteration) basically as Tom Haverford in this video. As always, Kanye and Jay-Z win at life. (Warming Glow)
  • I have several reality TV crushes including but not limited to Mike from The Real World Las Vegas 2: Electric Bugaloo and Tyler from Teen Mom. Suffice to say, my crush on Fabio from Top Chef is likely my least humiliating reality crush. That said, please enjoy these clips of he and Jimmy Fallon being adorable (Eater)
  • If any of you follow WWTDD or are HUGE John Legend fans (ed. note: do...they exist?), you're aware of who Chrissy Teigan is. For those of you who don't, she has an effing hilarious twitter, is obsessed with food, and looks roughly 1000x better than I do at any given time. Because I have so much to be jealous of, you'd think she'd be my enemy, but nay, I just really, really, really wish I was her on a daily basis. That said, she now has an awesome food blog that is hilarious and often contains pictures of puppies and bacon. Aka my happy place. (So Delushious)
  • More Five Second Films. More Patton Oswalt. Not as awesome as Crabwalkin', but I'm pretty sure my own potential children won't be as awesome as Crabwalkin'. (FilmDrunk)
  • And because football season is starting, because I'm from Philadelphia, and because this is my little corner of the blog, here is With Leather's take on the reasoning behind the free agent frenzy that just went down in Philadelphia. Enjoy this season, Redskins fans (side eye Clinton). I know I will. (With Leather)
--Written by Carrie--

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