Saturday, August 6, 2011

Carrie's Weekend Links

  • First things first: my favorite find of the week. Merging two of my favorite shows ever, we have the awesome tumblr Mad Development - screen caps of Mad Men with Arrested Development quotes. Shockingly, it works really, really well. Less shocking? Pete Campbell is a Never Nude. (NYMag)
  • My second favorite thing this week was this post. I don't think my write up of it could even do it justice, so just read it. I promise you won't regret it. Also, you have no idea how much I want those valentines. (The Bloggess)
  • Also making the rounds on teh internets this week, the lovely video entitled simply I'm A Stupid Cat. I think cats would even appreciate this video, if only they weren't too stupid to understand it. What's that Alanis? I know, I found that super ironic TOO. (Warming Glow)
  • Sharing this just for sheer amazement: The Daily Beast actually wrote an article about Heidi and Spencer that actually made them seem sympathetic. What's next? GARY AND AMBER? Because I will not stand for that ish. (The Daily Beast)
  • And finally, a quasi-good cause! Ish! It's still not great! But, a school in MO. has banned Slaughterhouse-Five from its library and curriculum. That book/Vonnegut made me want to write, so really, you have Kurt Vonnegut to thank for your Teen Mom recaps. There's a sentence nobody saw coming. Anyway, AVClub lets you know how you can help provide copies to the students who are banned from reading it. Regardless of your feelings on the book, that kind of censorship is absolutely ridiculous and shouldn't be tolerated, so if you're inclined to help, I think you should join me and throw a few dollars their way. Did I just lose all our readers? Sorry Clinton (steps off soapbox, drops mike). (AV Club)
-Carrie (Tweet 'er!)

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  1. That second link made my heart go pitta pat.


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