Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Links

Carrie is off to the beach for the weekend but before leaving for sand and sun she dropped a present by in the form of this Weekend's Links. I get especially giddy whenever Carrie mentions Friday Night Lights because I know how much she loves that show and probably never gets to talk to anyone about it because no one else watches. Soo cute, it's like they made all five seasons just for her. To the links! -Clinto

If you're like me and would like to take a sack of oranges to Joe Buck's smug, overtanned face, you'll likely enjoy this list of TV's most punchable faces. If you're having a good day, maybe hold off, because there is at least one person on this list whose face will infuriate you. (Warming Glow)

To cheer you up from your rage fest, here is a super adorable video of every Tami Taylor y'all from Friday Night Lights. In the same vein, if someone on the internets would like to make a compilation of every time Tim Riggins takes his shirt off, I wouldn't be mad. (AV Club)

If you love Anderson Cooper AND Snooki, well.. you don't exist. BUT if you like Anderson Cooper dramatically reading the inane fodder in the book Snooki "wrote," you'll enjoy this video. (Gawker)

In case you were wondering, Paz de la Huerta totally had sex with Elvis' ghost. As one does. (NY Times)

Since today is HARRY POTTER DAY ZOMG SLYTHERIN GRIFFINDOR WEASLY, here is a creepy slideshow of really intense expressions of HP love. Although, that corn maze is pretty cool. (Slate)

AND FINALLY, in your weekly Parks and Rec update, Amy Poehler basically has some really awesome things to say about Nick Offerman and his lack of an Emmy nomination. And you know what, if there is one person who did design the Game of Thrones costume... it's Ron Swanson. (Hitfix)


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