Thursday, July 14, 2011

Man Makes Elaborate Full House Video Staring Himself

In this painstakingly edited piece a man from the future comes to warn the Full House residents of the Olsen Twins' awful future selves and tries to convince Danny, Joey, and Jessie to kick little Michelle out of the house for the world's greater good. After doing a little bit of internet sleuthing it turns out this was made by a guy from PETA, or a PETA-like group, in an attempt to spread fur awareness (or something like that). He had to watch over 40 hours of Full House footage to make it though which raises doubts in my mind whether this was really about the fur or more about being immortalized as a character on Full House. I, being a morally ambiguous "Have Mercy" loving child of the 80's-90's, believe it was the latter.

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