Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gif Reactions To Nick Offerman Not Being Nominated For An Emmy

Beautiful Amy Poehler quote about the robbery after the jump.

Alan Sepinwall: What does Nick Offerman need to do to get himself a nomination already?

Amy Poehler: A lot of people don’t know that just last week, Tom Selleck presented him with a Lifetime Mustache Award, which a lot of people don’t know. He’ll always have that, and they can’t take that away from him. But it’s a hot load of bullshit that he didn’t get a nomination, and you can quote me on that. But I suspect and hope that will change. And certaintly that field, there’s a lot of talented men vying for that position. If you asked Nick, he’d say the show is represented. But I would say his work on the show is the best stuff on TV, and he deserves every award. A lot of people don’t know that Nick designed all of the costumes in “Game of Thrones.

[Ron Swanson gifs and Amy Poehler quote via Rufustfirefly]

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