Friday, July 8, 2011

Dancing Gif Friday!


This weekend I'm hoping to finish up the first season of Sons of Anarchy and perhaps get started with a little show called Weeds. Is there a new True Blood on Sunday? There better be-- I'm watching that too. Oh and I've also been on an old Pete and Pete kick lately. That show has more heart than a disabled puppy adoption clinic. What? I don't know, it's too early for words.

Is anyone else catching up on some series-es this weekend? 

I'll be here and on my tweeters. Happy weekend.


  1. The series I'm watching for the summer: The Sopranos, Friday Night Lights and Party Down. Watched all of Season 1 of Party Down in 3 days... on to the second (and final) season!

    LOVE the Susan Boyle GIF, btw.

  2. Oh man I am jealous of you for having Season 2 of Party Down left. Mine eyes have already seen their glory, and they weep for our Party Downless future.


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