Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Links

  • Okay, admittedly I have a soft spot for Philadelphia sports stories, but if you're not sad the Phillie Phanatic had to go to the hospital, you're dead inside. Also, the Mr. Met line is basically my favorite sentence in any blog entry ever. (With Leather)
  • Ron Swanson. Drunk, in picture form. Second only to Ron Swanson drunk in gif form. Now, with more adorable Adam Scott! (Warming Glow)
  • Remember all those nightmare inducing moments from movies you loved as a child? You know, the parts you fast forwarded through or the parts that have created a deep seated psychological issue as an adult? Well, here they are!! In list form! Happy Friday! (Cracked)
  • In creepy TV news, Gawker has an extensive profile on a sixteen year old who married someone who apparently was on Lost. Hey. HEY! Quit high fiving your bros about that. Seriously! It's gross. (Gawker)
  • Did last week's HBO Venn Diagram get you all hot for math humor? Of course it did. And because I'm your interwebs enabler, here are some pretty f-ing awesome flow charts.  You're lucky to have me. (Mental Floss)

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