Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lost Spongebob Episode "Red Mist" Created By Murderer?

Don't believe everything you read on the internet-- unless it involves Squidward, murder, and a youtube video that claims to induce insanity upon viewing. "Red Mist," as the story goes, is a lost Spongebob episode made by Scottish Spongebob animator Andrew Skinner who is currently serving time in jail for the murders of at least two children. The full story of the "Red Mist" tape and murderer/animator/Scotsman Andrew Skinner is a creepily woven tale best read in the dark with an open, preferably gullible mind. Is it true? Read the story in full and decide for yourself. Or better yet, just go ahead and watch the tape (while you still can before Youtube no doubt pulls it down for violating its "may not cause insanity" clause). Be warned though that the tape is frightening and purportedly very graphic. Move cautiously internet detectives...


  1. It's a fake, there is no such thing. I looked up the supposed animator/murderer and I can't find shit.

    1. Yeah agree lol I even looked up news papers in that area of scotland looking for murders. Kids murderers always make the papers, and there are none to be found.