Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Best Pictures Of People Dressed Up As Adventure Time Characters

If you make an Adventure Time costume that requires more than two people to operate then know you are a rank of nerd just above hero and right below god. [Via

I respect the guy who puts his hands in his pockets to make his costume more believable. [Via]

Enthusiasm! [Via]

Nothing is hotter than a girl who voluntarily dresses up like a cartoon character. [Via]

Go ahead, judge me. [Via]

Princess Bubblegum in the cafeteria kingdom. [Via]

Girls make cute Finns. [Via]

I almost didn't post this because the idea of a dead (or undead) version of these characters is physically upsetting to me. [Via]

The onesie-hoodie is quite possibly the most perfect piece of clothing ever sewn. [Via]

The family that wears Adventure Time clothing together will discover the secret to world peace and probably end human suffering together. [Via]


I transformed this into a Buzzfeed post and changed/added some things. Check it out if you can handle all the new levels of awws-someness.


  1. The chick that looks like fin looks friggin awesome! I've been looking for that costume everywhere, does anybody know where to find it? D;

  2. WHOA I just found this! I'm the Finn sitting down with the Jake in my lap! More pics on my DeviantArt