Friday, February 18, 2011

Hold It Against Me Gifs: Gifs From Britney's New Video!

Britney crazy colors gif via Nellythomasellis

Britney fighting Britney gif via Nellythomasellis

Britney evil fingers gif via Poisonparadise

Britneygasm gif via Cladora

And you, and you, and you gif via Nellythomasellis

Britney scary gif via Ohbritneybaby

Britney sprays perfume gif via Freaky-intangible

Britney vs Lady Gaga gif via Hussel

It's Britney, Bitch gif via Guilher

Be sure to check out the sites these gifs came from--a lot of hardworking talented people made them and each site has more Britney gifs then you can shake a glittery tit at. If you have any you think should be added or if you see something that was miss-credited just pop me an email. Much love. It's Britney, bitches.


  1. Image links are not working anymore.

  2. hmm that's weird i just tested them all and they seem to be working fine. My guess would be Tumblr's servers went down when you tried but let me know if you still can't get them working and I'll see what I can do.