Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Strokes Have Never Been Funkier

For me, this looped from funny to horrifying to funny to confusing. Not so much the stroke aspect, since I was repeatedly and musically reminded that strokes are not, in fact, a joke. I guess for me it begs the question, who is treating strokes as a joke? Oh grandpa, you and your paralysis is so hilarious (Did that rhyme? Could I write the next stroke rap?). Anyway, I'm getting off topic. If you were in the unlikely category of finding debilitating medical happenings really fucking funny,  this video is really helpful. If you  are like me - generally terrified when older people start acting even remotely abnormally and dial 9 and 1 on your cell phone when they ask you where the bus station is - you get to listen to the sweet, medical rap stylings of Doug E Fresh. Win/Win.

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